Your first consultation is free!

The first discernment meeting with Small Church Solutions is complimentary, except for mileage/travel. We will meet with you and begin the discernment conversations. If you like what we have to offer, you may continue with us. The free consultation is not available with conflict mediation.

Beyond the first meeting, Small Church Solutions offers two methods of pricing:

Flat Fee

This is an ideal payment plan for a congregation with a small budget or in you are uncertain about how much time your project will need. The flat fee is billed at 2% of the congregation's previous year's operating budget.

For example, if last year, your congregation budgeted to spend $150,000, your flat fee for services would be $3,000. A copy of the past year's operating budget is required for this billing option. Mileage for travel is reimbursed in addition to this, and is not included in the flat fee.

Hourly Rate

Small Church Solutions also offers an hourly rate for services of $50 per hour, plus mileage for travel.


If you would like to use Small Church Solution's services or make further inquiries, contact by clicking here.